“My wife and I just had our solar panels installed on the house at the end of summer. We accounted for how much air condition we would use but this was going on the assumption of how much we've already used since the time we purchased this house. We didn't use the Air Condition much since it was towards the end of summer but that's where we miscalculated. We noticed how much energy was used through our solar panel readings and the SDGE evaluation showed my air condition system taking up approximately 60-70% of my energy usage being that my system was over 30 years old (Yikes!!!). If I didn't upgrade my HVAC system, then the solar panels would be a waste.

During our biweekly visit to Costco, we were stopped by the Lennox representative who outsources their installation through Anderson Heating & Air. If we went through Costco, we would get a good price on equipment, install, warranty and cash back with a Costco rebate. We scheduled an estimate with Anderson Heating & Air and their quote included a Lennox XC25 Air Condition (Lennox's best and most efficient AC unit), an SL280V Variable Gas Furnace (Lennox's second best and most quietest furnace), an iComfort Programmable WiFi Thermostat and Temperature Control System, new registers, new ducts and a new condensate line to the side of the house. The quote I received was over $16,000. This was a few thousand more than I had planned so I needed another company to compare them to.

I contacted the only other licensed re-seller of Lennox systems and it was Air Force Heating & Air. I spoke with David and told him what I was looking for. Dave was kind enough to come to my house on his day off (Saturday) to give me an estimate since I was pressed for time on making a decision. I explained that I wanted the most energy efficient system possible and that I was willing to pay the price to do so. Dave not only beat the Anderson Heating and Air quote, but he did so significantly! And to top it all off, Dave also took care of processing all the rebates I was eligible for.

We scheduled the install to happen in between Christmas and New Year eve. Scott and team arrived Monday morning and they were extremely courteous about entering my home, where they needed to work and even making sure my dog was ok since she was fenced in my other living room. Scott kept me informed of what he was doing and that the install would take 2 days to do. He made it a point to install the furnace and have it functioning on day 1 since it was getting pretty cold at nights. The installation was a breeze, the entire HVAC system is brand new and I am extremely happy with the decision I made to go with a Lennox system from AirForce Heating and Air.

Now I sit in the comfort of my home with the most advanced heating and air condition system possible. The Lennox system is super quiet, extremely efficient and the touch screen temperature control looks and functions great! - View on Yelp!

- Angelo F. in Chula Vista

“Knowledgeable, honest, friendly, hard-working, reliable, punctual--and prices that are hard to beat! What's not to love about Aireforce Heating & Air Inc? Aireforce was able to substantially beat bids for a new AC system from other very well-known companies AND they offered a Lennox! Now that it's installed, we can see how much quieter and more comfortable our home is, thanks to some recommended changes from Dave, who taught us why our old system left something to be desired the day he inspected things to work up the bid. Our installers, Sean and Nick, couldn't have been friendlier, more punctual, neater, knowledgeable, or careful. One other important selling point: their salesman does NOT work on commission; he just wants to install what is needed, not what earns him the biggest check! We think you will be very pleased by doing business with Aireforce. We highly recommend them--and will do all future heating and AC business with them only.”

- Evy N. in San Diego

“We had the Aire-Force Heating & Air install a complete HVAC home system to replace the one that was 18 years old. After an extensive research and estimates from several contractors, we settled for the Aire-Force Heating & Air. The main reason we chose this company was because of Jason who came to our house and gave us the estimate. He was thorough, direct and honest - no pushy tactics or over-selling whatsoever. He advised us on where we could save and what options we had and he emailed us all additional information that we asked for. He was very easy to deal with and courteous. On top of that, we feel that we got a really good value for our new HVAC system and installation. We purchased the Lennox system, with 2 XC16 Elite Series 3 ton 16 SEER Dual Speed A/C units and 2 SL280UH070XV Signature Collection Dual Speed 70,000 BTU Furnaces with Comfort Air Filters and a Power Humidifier. The cost for entire system and installation was almost $4,000 less than the exactly same system and installation from the Costco dealer (after the 10% Costco cash card was subtracted) or over $6,000 less without the Costco cash card offer. The installation was completed in 3 days - exactly what we were promised. We could not be happier with the new system or with the installation. The entire Aire-Force Heating crew was outstanding. Jeremy - the lead installer - was a true professional. He took pride in his work and made sure that all system components were working well and that everything was done to the highest standards and to our satisfaction. We would like to thank Jeremy and his crew - Nick, Sean and Patrick - for treating our house like it was their own. You guys are the best! I'd highly recommend the Aire-Force Heating and Air Inc.”

- Bea P.